My thoughts on the CFS / USSU deciding to appeal.

My thoughts on the CFS / USSU potentially appealing the court decision that found the CFS-rigged referendum to be of no force or effect are:

What a waste of student money! I know the CFS is “sue-happy” and does not mind spending student money on lawyers but enough already! All the CFS has to do is run another referendum. Heck, they don’t even have to run a fair referendum. Are they have to do is use their majority on council to pass their rigged rules, fly in their full-time outside of province campaign team, spend thousands of dollars, overrun local opposition, maybe stuff a few ballots and then claim victory. Which is partly what they are going to do anyway. Let’s face it no judge is going to overturn the decision. Of course the CFS does not mind paying their lawyers to waste student money.
Interestingly, the CFS realises that student at the University of Saskatchewan have educate themselves about the CFS and will not be voting to have their money wasted by the CFS. In short, the CFS does not want a referendum which they are not guaranteed to win. The students at University of Saskatchewan know what the CFS is all about now.
CFS stop wasting people’s time stop wasting student money accept the court decision and move on.

Sorry about the spelling errors earlier today. Seems my DragonSpeak was a little off this morning.