NAIT students shooting documentary about one man who grew up in foster care and gave back

At the age of five, Dellaire was put into foster care. Over the next 10 years, he was routinely on the move, living in 45 different foster homes. Against all odds, Dellaire was a success story. After leaving the system, he became a foster parent with his wife Pat and set an example of how to share love with foster children and make them feel like part of a family.

This passage from NAIT’s media release caught my attention Friday. Nothing is better in news than an interesting human story.

When Dellaire passed away from cancer at the age of 56, he asked his wife to get his story out so that it may prevent other children from going through what he had to.

The short film is being produced in part by students at NAIT and is called ” Crossing the Axis: The Journey of Gentle Wind.”