Need some help: online posting of liquor license applications?

I’m trying to find if the provincial Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) posts liquor license application requests online, specifically, applications for transfer of an existing license to a new owner.

The Problem – lack of notice to municipalities of liquor license transfers

The City of Hamilton is informed of all new license applications but is not told of transfers. There is concern at City Hall about “unsavory operators” using this loophole to obtain licenses without the City being able to object.

The City’s planning committee discussed this problem at length on Wednesday and instructed city staff to report on methods to lobby the provincial legislature to change legislation to require notification of municipalities upon a transfer application.

Possible solution – find the data, scrape it, and automate notification

If I can find a webpage or PDF that provides transfer applications in process, Open Hamilton can create an app to scrape this data and automate notifications to the City. For example, we can scrape the data and using WardRep‘s API, customise the notifications to include the councillor of the application’s ward.

Finding the data

Anyone able to assist finding the data?