New Development Planning Proposals for the Week of August 4, 2014


Four developments were reviewed by staff this week at the Development Review Team.

This weeks files are:

  • 85 Division Street – a rezoning proposal from light industrial to low-to-medium density residential (File: 14-060)
  • 311 Strathearne Ave – Converting an existing lodging to multi-dwelling affordable housing. (File: 14-061)
  • 340-342 Wilson Street East Ancaster – addition of 9 attached homes in the rear of the property behind an existing heritage structure. (File: 14-058)
  • 1354 Upper Sherman – already approved by Council – 14 townhomes to be built. (File: 14-082)

85 Division Street

The owner of 85 Division – an numbered company – is enquiring for a rezoning of the light industrial lands to residential.

The property has been vacant for many years, and was more recently the site of a large fire in 2012.

A rezoning will require Council approval as it is non-compliant with City policy preventing the conversion of industrial employment lands to residential uses.

Neighbouring the property is a mix of light industrial, commercial, and residential homes.

Any rezoning will require an official plan amendment and full public hearings at Planning Committee.

311 Strathearne Avenue

Indwell, a local affordable housing charity, wishes to convert 311 Strathearne (the southwest corner at Barton) from an existing lodging home to higher quality affording housing units.

The current state of the building is very poor.

Indwell plans to upgrade the existing units, and will decrease rents to make them affordable.

This plan is a minor variance with the existing use already being residential.

This is a project I’m personally excited to see move forward.

340-342 Wilson Street

An proposal in downtown Ancaster to add 9 attached housing units behind an existing heritage structure at 340-342 Wilson Street East.

This is the second proposal on the site, the previous – about two years ago – being a commercial addition and parking in behind the existing building.

Height, parking, and sanitary sewers are all issues to be debated during the planning process.

The houses are 3.5 storeys at the front, and 2.5 storeys at the rear due to the topography of the site. 2.5 is the maximum allowed height in the Ancaster zoning for the land.

Parking requirements in Ancaster are 2 spots per unit plus an additional 0.66 spot per unit for visitors meaning the development requires 21 parking spots on site or nearby.

The City states the sanitary sewer for Wilson Street is at capacity, and the nearby pumping station is overloaded.

1354 Upper Sherman

Council approved rezoning of 1354 Upper Sherman in March and the developer is now moving forward with 14 townhomes. DRT considered the final plan this week.

There are no further public meetings on this approved development.