New Grad Rez for McMaster Students?

Tonight, I received an email directing me to take a look at a new project proposed for downtown Hamilton.
I have a picture here of a proposed “McMaster Graduate Residence” that will be located on prime real estate in Downtown Hamilton. The southwest corner of Main and Hughson right across the street from the Downtown Campus of McMaster University.
From this picture, it appears to be what is commonly referred to as a “landmark building”. It is very impressive. It appears to be 6 or 7 stories high including the second (potentially third as well) floor parking garage.
According to the picture, it is a project of DeSantis Developments. I find this extremely interesting. The location is not ideal for a Graduate Residence as the students will have to travel to the main campus on a daily basis. The land is only metres from the GO Station, it seems a much better fit for Condos/Rentals tailored to Toronto-bound commuters.
This leads me to suspect that the University is involved in some way. It makes sense from the point of view that the building is being made so beautiful for recruiting purposes. It also makes for good Public Relations to be moving something into the Hamilton Downtown core to deflect criticism of the Burlington Campus development.
The Architect of the project has a page on it here:
This is the same architect that is involved with the “West Village” project with is the new residential building that is marketing itself as a student residence out at the old CNIB site. This does raise the potential that the same group is behind this downtown project.
Anyone have information? feel free to anonymously comment below.