New Hamilton Federal Ridings Now Official

New Hamilton Federal Ridings Now Official

Hamilton’s new provincial and federal electoral ridings are now official.

The only difference between the second proposal and the final ridings is the name of the new riding covering Hamilton West – Ancaster – Dundas.

The Commission choose to lead the new riding’s name with “Hamilton West” to maintain convention with three of the other four Hamilton ridings.

Will the ridings change the balance of political parties represented from Hamilton? I doubt it. There is one safe Conservative seat (Flamborough – Glanbrook), three potential swing ridings, and one left-of-centre safe seat.

This is similar to the previous mix in Hamilton.

**CORRECTION: ****The province has yet to indicate if they will adopt the new boundaries. Nor has the province started a redistribution process.

Click on the image below to enlarge the new boundaries.

[![12Hamilton](](’s new riding boundaries for 2015’s federal election