New Stadium May or Maybe Won't Open Temporarily for Monday's Ticats Labour Day Classic

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The latest chapter in the tragic comedy that is Hamilton’s new stadium was written today during the monthly stadium sub-committee meeting.

What is the latest you say? It’s the same as the old – the stadium is getting closer to completion, but it may or may not be ready for Monday’s big Labour Day Classic between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Toronto Argos.

Even if it’s “ready”, it will be a temporary occupancy with approximately half the bleachers, no elevators, no upper bowl, a minimum of washrooms, temporary food concessions, and a potential “bring your own snacks” scenario.

It appears Thursday will be the “drop-dead” date for knowing if the stadium will be open on Monday.

Statements at Committee today

A couple of key statements from today’s stadium committee meeting.

  • When asked by committee chair Lloyd Ferguson, Ontario Sports Solutions’ (the contractor building the stadium) Greg Stack stated the stadium 85% complete.
    “Our expectation for an occupancy permit is well above 50 per cent,” Stack stating of Monday’s game. “We can’t make a 100 per cent commitment”.
  • Workers are scheduled on double and triple shifts to try to get the stadium to minimum standards prior to Monday
  • Safety systems (Public announcement system, fire alarms, and sprinklers) are still being completed
  • There will be no elevators, but approximately 40 spaces for wheelchairs on a patio at field level
  • The upper bowl will not be open
  • We’ll know more on Thursday if the game will be held on Monday.