New York's New Governor Eliot Spitzer Gets to Work Cleaning Up New York Government

Spitzer acted unilaterally yesterday and raised the standards of conduct for New York government employees.

He has done the following:

  • Banned Adminstration Officials from accepting corporate gifts, speaking fees, or seeking public office while working for the Governor.
  • Prohibition on Government employees from lobbying the agencies they worked for, for two years following their employment.
  • No politician shall appear in any taxpayer funded advertisements.  (The previous Governor was all over the T.V. in these ads, being near the border, I saw them all the time.)
  • He also banned Government employees from donating to politicial parties.

This all in his first day.

I am going to keep watching Spitzer, he is a leading candidate for President in 2012 already.

He also ordered that all Government Agencies shall stream their public meetings over the internet!