Newscoop - an open source CMS for journalism

There are plenty of CMS options out there for journalism, with Armstrong CMS being one that’s generating attention in North America. Armstrong is funded in part by the Knight Foundation and backed by two of the most successful non-profit news outlets in America.

There are many more options, with many news sites choosing CMS’ that began as non-news platforms such as WordPress and Drupal.

I’ve used both Drupal and WordPress. From 2004 until 2008, I used MovableType.

This week, I happened across Newscoop which is a new open source CMS powering radio websites in Africa and a few news sites in Europe.

I like what I see in version 4.0 of the CMS which is presently running the Swiss site

It appears to be very streamlined. It doesn’t offer many plugins, not having a large development community yet, but is designed to fulfil the primary functions of a news website.

The community features appear strong and I may give it a spin on the data site I’m creating.