No Surprise: Simon Fraser Student Society Ignores Students and Bylaws

Typical Student Union clique actions:
The Simon Fraser Student Society clique, commonly referred to as the “Group of 7” has ignored a massive student petition to hold a General Meeting of the Membership (students) to consider the impeachment of the “Group of 7” due to their massive abuse of power and ignoring of the democratic will of students.
They have failed to advertise the General Meeting in the campus student newspaper, the Peak:
Instead, they clique is spending tens of thousands of student dollars (so estimates say this is costing students over $100,000 dollars) to defend themselves from students. In short, they are using student money to prevent students from having a say over issues that effect them.
Sadly, this is very typical of cliques in Canadian Student Unions.
On aside:
I have asked, but (of course) have not been told, how much money was spent by the MSU Executive on their vendetta me for trying to ban their corporate gifts. Still no answer. As is the case in many of these situations, the only people that benefit are lawyers and students are stuck with the bill.