O'Leary's Facebook Live Announcement Before Media Announcement: Smart Play

Kevin O'Leary's decision to go live on Facebook to "talk to YOU, the Canadians I'm fighting for" was strategically smart.

Also going live on Facebook before speaking to the media lets him define his reality.

He's positioning himself to run against the media and politicians, both groups of people Canadians don't trust.

The reason O'Leary's strategy of going directing and antagonizing the media can work because the media has lost the trust of the public.

(He'll still play the traditional media game - media need content and ratings, he'll decide when he's available and they'll book him on air)

I draw your attention to Dave Winer - a man who cares deeply about journalism and an informed society - and his recent post "Press Freedom is not my freedom" and very specifically this passage:

They're in the access business. And they all know it, and even the little people, like me, know it. So it's a total smh moment when Stelter gets all preachy like this.

The media has lost public trust, and O'Leary is going to play that to his advantage.