On Perspective and Height

The first time I rode a GO Transit double decker bus, I did not enjoy the experience. I felt constrained on the second deck, the space felt confined, and I couldn't wait to get out of the metal box when I reached my destination.

Since that ride almost 18 months ago, I've been fortunate to only ride the older single level buses.

Today, I'm back on board a double decker.

I'm 5' 6", and my hair brushes against the ceiling of the second deck.

I realized that for those taller than me, the feeling of constrained height on this bus is something they regularly experience. (As I watched a person crotched over walking to their seat).

In terms of my feelings on this second ride; daytime is a much better feeling. Seeing out the windows decreases the feeling of being in a tight space.

It's interesting to think of the world from a slightly different perspective.