Day of Action one year later ….

The CFS wonders why its campaigns have difficulty in succeeding? It may have something to do with them being a lot like a flash, it is all you see for one second, there is a lingering “spot” in your eye for a few seconds and then it is done.

Come to think of it, like a professional camera flash, the CFS flash is overly expensive, goes up in price every year, and is really no different than the most cost-effective model.

Case in point, the Reduce Tuition Fees campaign of last year’s Day of Action. For one day, February 7 2007, they got headlines – all you could see on part of the lawn in front of Parliament were a bunch of people holding picket signs in one of the more expensive protests of the year. The next day, it was over.

The CFS ReduceTuitionFees .ca website quickly went dead. It was supposed to be updated in the Fall of 2007, according the site itself. It’s now the second month of 2008, and the website has not been updated.

Millions of dollars a year are collected by the CFS from students and they can’t even update their most important campaign’s website.

No wonder why they rarely get results – they don’t bother to do the hard follow-up work necessary to secure success.