Ontario Universities Launch New Website of Data related to their operations

Universities continue their PR offensive against Maclean’s (think about it, they would much rather not release any data) by launching a website today. The news release opens:

Ontario’s universities introduce a new information tool for students, parents and the public
TORONTO, Nov. 9 /CNW/ – On behalf of Ontario’s 18 universities, the
Council of Ontario Universities (COU) is pleased to introduce an enhancement
to the wide array of information already available to the public.
Each of Ontario’s 18 universities and the Ontario College of Art & Design
have worked together to develop and compile data to create Common University
Data Ontario (CUDO). CUDO is an online tool designed to allow users to access
– and, if they wish, to compare – data that have been gathered on a consistent
basis. These key metrics include:

“We’re excited about this extension of our efforts in keeping the public
informed about our activities and offerings. CUDO has been designed to
complement the significant information we already provide, in addition to
ensuring that people are able to assess key data in a fair manner,” says Jamie
Mackay, Vice President, Policy and Analysis, COU.
CUDO is now available via the websites of the Council of Ontario
Universities (www.cou.on.ca) and the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre

Now, I actually like what I read next:

It also includes the extensive information Ontario universities provide
to the public and governments to meet their obligations for accountability,
such as:

All this is great. Of course, I always want to know more… one question I have is, how much money are Universities wasting on lobbying the Ontario Government to not extend the powers of the Provinical Ombudsman to include them?
I just noted another point. The Maclean’s data includes classes over 500 students. The COU does not.
Hattip on this file: OUSA Blog where Scott wrote a great entry on this subject.