Out of work student politician? SCSU has a job for you!

University of Toronto at Scarborough’s students union is looking to hire an interim student union president to fill the position for the remainder of the summer until a new election can be held in the fall.

Again this year, there was a great deal of controversy surrounding the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union elections.  There were disqualifications again this year and this is the end result.

The deadline is today and the job description is available online.

I know somebody will comment asking why I haven’t written more on the subject. Simply put, I couldn’t source information to a level which I am comfortable with. I will travel to the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus this fall to cover the new elections. I’d expect they will face many of the same difficulties the previous two have.

Plus, this fall will have a greater number of non-UTSC students campaigning for a candidate. I always enjoy seeing busy overworked student politicians who have time to campaign in other students’ union elections.