People's Platform Launches

People's Platform Launches

The Civic League and Council of Canadians launched their People’s Platform initiative last night at Democracy Cafe on Locke Street.

[![Campaign Director Norman Kearney (Joey Coleman)](]( Director Norman Kearney (Joey Coleman)
Campaign director Norman Kearney [describes the project]( as “participatory democracy”, and hopes Hamiltonians will be the first city in Canada to engaged residents in creating a People’s Platform and that it will spread across the country.

He hopes to see the process engage a cross-section of Hamiltonians, especially those who are not traditionally engaged in civic elections.

The Hamilton Civic League will hold forums in all 15 Wards across the city to give residents the opportunity to help craft the platform.

Once created, the People’s Platform will be distributed to all candidates.

Candidates will be awarded points for adopting the platform planks: two points for full adoption, one point for adoption with an explained modification, and zero points for non-adoption. The candidates will then by listed in order of points.

[![Participants post issues and ideas (Joey Coleman)](]( post issues and ideas (Joey Coleman)
Campaign participants will be able to reference candidate ratings when they decide who to vote for on October 27.

The campaign will give residents many opportunity to participate, including forums, charrettes, and online feedback.

On August 9th, the first round of forums will be held from 9:00am to 4:00pm in the following locations:

[![A chalked outline of the campaign. (Joey Coleman)](]( chalked outline of the campaign. (Joey Coleman)
1. Dalewood Rec Centre 2. Beasley Community Centre 3. Pinky Lewis Rec Centre 4. Churchill Rec Centre 5. Laurier Rec Centre 6. Huntington Park Rec Centre 7. Hill Park Rec Centre 8. MacNab Rec Centre 9. Valley Park Rec Centre 10.
[![A large gathering of 100 people for the People's Platform kick-off (Joey Coleman)](]( large gathering of 100 people for the People’s Platform kick-off (Joey Coleman)
Brewster Pool 11. Woodburn Hall 12. Old Ancaster Town Hall 13. Dundas Community Pool 14. Beverly Town Hall 15. Sealey Park Scout Hall