Hamilton City Council GIC Budget - April 3rd, 2013

Hamilton City Council GIC Budget - April 3rd, 2013

The morning session can be viewed above

Morning Session – Police Budget, Clappison’s Corners

Hamilton City Council meet in General Issues Committee on April 3rd to debate the police budget and transit fare parity.

Police Budget

Council voted to hold the line on the police budget at a 3.52% increase over 2012 with clear direction to the Police Services Board and Chief of Police Glenn DeCaire to not hire any new staff in 2013.

Council’s budget must now be considered by the Police Services Board at their next meeting on April 15th. The Board can accept Council’s budget or appeal to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.

After the meeting, Police Services Board Chair Nancy DiGregorio would not state how she expected the Board or herself to vote. Mayor Bob Bratina gave strong indications during the GIC meeting that he will vote to appeal to the budget to OCPC.

If OCPC hears the appeal, their decision will be final and binding upon Hamilton City Council. OCPC is empowered to set the budget higher than requested by the police service.

Clappison’s Corners

The Ministry of Transportation attended Council to discuss their plans for constructing a grade-separated interchange at the intersection of Highway 5 and Highway 6 in Flamborough. MTO is planning to make Highway 6 a separated highway between the 403 and 401. The impact of a grade-separated interchange will significant for access to local businesses in the area.

Highway 5 east of Highway 6 was downloaded to the municipality in the 90s and the City will be paying 25% of the interchange cost.

The MTO needs to buy land on all sides of the intersection for construction of the interchange and is currently paying fair-market value for land. Eventually, the province will move to exproitate as needed.

Afternoon session

Hamilton City Council GIC meeting – April 3, 2013 (Afternoon Session) from JoeyColeman on Vimeo.

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