Political Correctness Gone Too Far?

A interesting story at Ryerson University.  Ryerson University has censored, banned, and pulled down a McDonald’s ad.  Not because they have concerns about McDonald’s effect on society or anything leftist like that, no they have pulled it …. because …. wait for it …. because ****

“This stereotype of the passed out male student is offensive,”

This reported originally by the Ryersonian at Ryerson University to have been by Mike Verticchio, executive director of operations and services, Ryerson Ancillary Services.

What stereotype is he referring to?  The ad in question depicts a students in a bathtub with his arm hanging over the side.  In the hand of this arm, he is griping a McDonald’s bag.  The tag underneath says: “Buy your friend breakfast in bed”.

That is all I will say cause the The Eyeopener at Ryerson says it all in their editorial this week: Hypersensitive douchebags