Preparing to Cover Today's SRA meeting

While, I have decided that I feel like punishing myself by attending tonight’s SRA meeting. Should be the usual. Information period involving members of the Executive praising each other for the great jobs they are doing. Everyone outside of the clique rolling their eyes as they do so. Question Period involving questions being asked, the Executive objecting, then claiming not to know, saying someone else should know who is not there and the people asking being told they have used their opportunity to ask if they try again.
Of note, Kyra Machen reported that she had a meeting with Stephane Dion at an Open Discussion he held in Dundas. I was there to report on it. It was a speech, not a discussion. Further, she arrived at the event after the speech had started. Her encounter with Mr. Dion involved a handshake and nothing more. Naturally this is all that anyone could have expected. Heck, I only got to ask him three questions in the scrum. I feel that I was ineffective overall in the scrum. I asked good questions. I failed to control his handler would successfully help Mr. Dion dodge my tough question. I learned, however, to not let that happen again. In journalism, one learns from experience.
additional: actually looks like there will be something to report. The Ombuds annual report is presented at this meeting. Considering the distain that the Executive has shown for the Ombuds, this could be interesting. Further, since the MSU has taken the position that the Ombuds has no right to comment on the actions of the MSU politicians, it will be interesting to see if anything in the Ombuds pertains to this.
The ArtsSci students are coming out tonight to present their situation. The SRA recently decided to not fill a vacant seat in ArtsSci resulting in no representation for these students for over three months, a quarter of the calendar year, and almost half of the school year. Should be interesting if they can convince the Executive (which combined with people that follow their direction on votes completely control things) to allow them to have their seat. It is worth noting tthat the last three ArtsSci reps had a habit of disagreeing with the Executive. The second to last one moved a motion to ban corporate gifts and supported allowing students to have a referendum on the Coke Contract. Both were extremely unpopular with the MSU.