May 5, 2014

Property Standards Hearing for Gore Park Buildings [Replay]

Property Standards Hearing for Gore Park Buildings [Replay]
[![18--28 King before tenants were evicted. (RTH Photo)](](–28 King before tenants were evicted. (RTH Photo)
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Hamilton’s Property Standards Committee meets to hear an appeal by Wilson Blanchard of an order to bring their buildings at 18-28 King Street East up to property standards.

I will attempt to broadcast the hearing, but elements within the City of Hamilton who are opposed to my broadcasting meetings may prevent the public from watching the meeting online.

This meeting is not covered by the Municipal Act, and there is no option to appeal to the Ontario Ombudsman.

On Friday, City Clerks issued a notice that I would not be allowed to broadcast this meeting, unless the Committee decides otherwise. The Committee will not debate the merits of public access with the public watching online.

The City Manager’s Office became involved – which often happens when Clerks or Planning attempt to stop public access via online viewing – and the matter is presently unresolved as the decision will be left to the Committee. It appears – based upon discussion with the City Manager’s Office – that the matter will resolve and the public will be able to watch the meetings.

As there have been disputes in the past with some City Staff about my using City Hall electricity and internet, this broadcast will be done without using either. Quality will be 360p as I’m using my mobile phone to stream. Broadcast time is limited to 3hrs as I’ll be using battery power. This also requires I use my channel.

Live video will start – outside the meeting room – at 9:30am.


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