Public Health inspector failed Eat A Pita, allowed to remain open

**Related update: **public health response to my question why was Eat A Pita allowed to remain open.

Public Health closed Eat A Pita on Main Street East near Kenilworth Avenue after the restaurant was linked to 16 cases in an outbreak of Salmonella were linked to the restaurant.

A public health inspector conducting a routine check of the restaurant on February 9th found two “critical infractions” and five “minor infractions”.

The restaurant was allowed to remain open despite these infractions. Public health informed the media of four confirmed cases on Thursday. Today, the number grew to 16 and the restaurant was closed.

Critical Infractions

  • Food is held at 4°C (40°F) or less (Corrected During Inspection)
  • Hot holding: minimum of 60°C (140°F) after cooking / rapid re-heating (Corrected During Inspection)

Minor Infractions

  • Compliance with the Mandatory Food Handler Certification By-Law (Not in Compliance)
  • Equipment, non-food contact surfaces and linen are maintained, designed, constructed, installed and accessible for cleaning (Not in Compliance)
  • Food protected from potential contamination and adulteration (Corrected During Inspection)
  • Sanitize test kit / thermometer readily available for verifying dishwashing and sanitizing temperatures (Not in Compliance)
  • Thermometers provided for temperature validation (Not in Compliance)

Actions taken:

  • Re-inspection Scheduled, Food Handler Education on Site