Public Works Nov. 4/13 - Great Lakes Protection, Snow Clearing, and more

Public Works Nov. 4/13 - Great Lakes Protection, Snow Clearing, and more

Council’s Public Works Committee meets Monday for a what should be a short agenda; They will debate Mobility Devices (scooters) in bike lanes, supporting the Great Lakes Protection Act, Snow Clearing, Intersection Controls, and drainage issues on Lake Avenue Drive.

Live coverage starts at 9:30 a.m., follow @JoeyColemanLIVE for the latest from the meeting.


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AGENDA DELEGATION REQUESTS 4.1 Dr. Gail Krantzberg, Professor and Director Centre for Engineering and Public Policy McMaster University respecting Item 9.1 4.2 Patricia Turnbull respecting Items 9.3 and 9.4 4.3 David Campbell President McMaster Students Union respecting negotiations surrounding bus passes CONSENT ITEMS 5.1 Minutes of Various Sub-Committees (a) Glanbrook Landfill Coordinating Committee – August 26, 2013 (b) Clean City Liaison Committee – September 17, 2013 5.2 Intersection Control List (PW13001(d)) 5.3 Access by Council Members and their Staff to Hansen and Amanda Databases STAFF PRESENTATIONS 7.1 Winter Control and Winter Maintenance Program DISCUSSION ITEMS 8.1 Poor Drainage on Lake Avenue Drive 8.2 Citizen Committee Report – Hamilton Cycling Committee – 13-001 MOTIONS 9.1 Support of the Great Lakes Protection Act 9.2 Installation of Stop Control Pritchard Road at Highland Road 9.3 Installation of Stop Control Trinity Church Road at Golf Club Road 9.4 Installation of Stop Control Trinity Church Road at Airport Road 9.5 Ancaster Lions Club Storage - 1104 Fiddlers Green Road Public Works Depot


Items of Note:
Snow Clearing | Great Lakes Protection Act | Scooters in Bike Lanes | Council Access to Citizen Workorder Requests | Drainage Issues on Lake Avenue Drive | New Stop Signs on Pritchard and Trinty Church Roads

Snow Clearing

Committee is to get a staff presentation on snow clearing. Last year, the City had difficulty meeting its standards for snow clearing and Council was in an uproar after a large public outcry about the City’s failure to maintain or clear numerous roadways during and after storm events.

There is no copy of the presentation online prior to the meeting to provide a preview.

Great Lakes Protection Act

The Great Lakes Protection Act (Bill 6) is provincial government legislation that will create a “Guardians’ Council” to have various levels of government, including First Nations and Métis, with stakeholders to help protect the Great Lakes watershed.

The legislation will increase protections for the environment.

It recently passed Second Reading in the Legislative Assembly.

Ward 1 Councillor Brian McHattie is moving a motion for Council to endorse the Bill and call on the Government to pass it to “protect and restore the health of the Great Lakes—St. Lawrence River Basin”

Scooters in Bike Lanes

In June, Council asked the Hamilton Cycling Committee for their thoughts on allowing mobility devices (scooters) to use bike lanes across the City.

Bruce Panagapko, a citizen who uses a mobility device in bike lanes, asked for the City to expand bike lanes to enable him, and others using mobility devices, a greater level of mobility.

The Cycling Committee says it is not safe for scooters and bikes to use the same lanes – with the exception of bike lanes up the escarpment where it enables scooters to avoid stairs.

Council Access to Citizen Workorder Requests

Councillors want access to the City’s internal work-order databases to better track work in their wards and to response to citizen inquiries.

The City Solicitor’s Office looked into privacy concerns with giving Council access to these databases and found there is some information that Councillors cannot have access to for privacy reasons.

Toronto Councillor’s sought similar access and went to the courts which ruled that advice from the provincial Information and Privacy Commissioner constituted a decision. That decision was that Councillor’s could not have access to any private information held by the City in databases.

It is suggested that Councillors be given access to reports that remove private information from work order requests.

Drainage Issues on Lake Avenue Drive

Staff are back at Public Works with a report on the drainage issues on Lake Avenue Drive that finds the problems reported by local resident John Vesprini during his delegation on October 7 are not as severe as stated.

The road does have slower drainage than streets with storm sewers and there were issues with sod dying on private lawns after being placed to replace lawns removed during recent road work.

City staff say the issue of water ponding on the roadway after the July 19 storm event was the result of leaves blocking drainage.

New Stop Signs on Pritchard and Trinty Church Roads

It is proposed to add new stop signs on Pritchard Road at Highland Road, and along Trinity Church Road at Golf Club and Airport Roads.

There are ongoing issues with speeds along this path and it is hoped the stop signs will assist with addressing them.

Hannon resident Patricia Turnbull is asking to speak to committee on this proposal during the meeting.