I have not updated my website for a few days. I was seriously considering running in a Student Representative Assembly by-election in my faculty and I did not want to risk getting fined for pre-campaigning. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to not run for a SRA seat this year. I already have plenty of committments and am actively making a difference without being on the SRA. I am presently involved with too many activities as is and am considering resigning from a role or two that I presently have. The reason for this is that I believe my studies are hurting because of all my involvements. I believe I will most likely resign from Dining Committee as the improvements that I have suggested did not require me to be on the committee to get them done.
Last night, I went to Guelph. I took the 1745 bus up to Guelph. In Guelph, I went for coffee with a friend. I did not tell any of my other friends in Guelph that I would be visiting. I was hoping to have coffee with my one friend without anyone else knowing. I was going to be staying at another friends house so I knew that there was a risk of everyone finding out I was there. The plan did not work. I had to take a city bus from the place I was staying to the coffeehouse. Three stops after I boarded, two of my friends boarded the bus. The look on their face was priceless, they could not believe it was me. It was very funny because they had no idea that I was in Guelph and could not have possibly expected me to show up in Guelph on some random school night. So basically it was known I was in Guelph.
I went to Williams Coffee Pub in Guelph. They make some pretty nice desserts. After this, I went to a friend’s place where everyone had gathered to watch the hockey game. I have lost my love of the NHL in the last year and cannot believe how boring the new rules are. Again the NHL is neglecting Canada in the hope of capturing customers in the Southern United States. It is not going to work.
Yesterday was the first day of winter in WinniWinterpeg. It is hard to imagine Winter in Southern Ontario yet. I know that it is October and everything but the daytime high yesterday was 28 above zero. We are going to have a drop in tempatures this weekend with daytime highs of only 15 degrees above zero.
Currently, I am on the bus back from Guelph and the bus is taking a detour along Old York Road in Dundas. This is the first time in a couple of years that I have been along this route. The city of Hamilton is visible along this route as it is elevated about the city. Hamilton is a very beautiful city when viewed from its northwest approachs. The campus of McMaster is visible as well, it is rare for me to see the north side of the campus from any distance. It is very beautiful as well.
well, time to get my books out and study.