Responsive gets response

This Friday round-up is important because it shows a trend that is not going away.

*WaPo’s *digital revenue is down. Do they have anything special that people want to buy?

NYTimes is laid off some more non-newsroom staff.

The Boston Globe‘s online products are finding success with paid digital subscribers up 13% in the first quarter. (I’m one of those new subscribers) **was completely redesigned following web standards, frameworks and – most importantly – a responsive design. It works on all platforms, they control their paywall (it’s not outsourced), they have great content 24/7, and the approached the frontpage as a dashboard with an unique (for newspapers) focus on “now”. Visit the site during a Red Sox baseball game for a great example of “now”.

The web is the not the future – it’s now

*The Boston Globe’s *is one of the rare old-journalism outlets diving into online standards, experiments, and community building. They are finding success that shows on the ledger, more importantly, they are building their online brand. The slogan “been around for 100 years” doesn’t mean you’ll be around for another 10.