RSU operating without a budget

Two articles in Ryerson’s student newspaper, The Eyeopener, reveal problems within the governing bodies of the Ryerson Students’ Union.

One articles notes the RSU hasn’t passed a budget yet; the other, a lack of consistancy of pricing for the annual Parade and Picnic.

What both articles didn’t mention is bitter division within the RSU between the two factions which contested the last election. The executive is controlled 3-to-1 by “Renew RSU” and Council is controlled by “Ryevolution.”

This political divide can be the greatest strength of the RSU since it’s one of only two Toronto university students unions without a ruling clique firmly in control. Disagreement allows for debate; debate allows for new ideas; new ideas make plans even better.

Let’s hope both sides find a way to work together and achieve something this year.

The RSU shouldn’t be paralyzed for another year because, in the short term, students lose; however, in the long term, its the student politicians who will lose ….. their seats.