Scheduling conflict: HWDSB and Jelly holding events at same time

[![]( "Downtown Hamilton Education Centre")]( picture of the headquarters of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board taken by Flickr user juggybiv during the H Magazine/HIStory + HERitage walk in March 2008. (Licensed under CC)
In what should be an interesting scheduling conflict, The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board [announced]( today on their website a final “open house” for the downtown Education Centre to be held Tuesday evening – at the [same time]( as Matt Jelly’s S.O.S. school closures protest.

It should prove to be an interesting occasion and a rare evening protest with the power-players forced to take notice.

The school board will be opening the Education Centre cornerstone at 5:30pm and the Education Centre will be open until 7:00pm for one final public opportunity to walk around one of Hamilton’s iconic civic buildings.

I have have many memories from the building and am saddened to think I’ll stand in the committee room one last time.