Secret Life: The Jian Ghomeshi Investigation

Secret Life: The Jian Ghomeshi Investigation

Toronto Star reporter Kevin Donovan shares his behind-the-scenes view of the journalistic investigation which finally brought down CBC's golden boy Jian Ghomeshi.

I know two people who Ghomeshi assaulted, both of them telling me of his behaviour in 2008 and 2009.

The book gives more perspective on the behinds the scenes investigative process, the challenge of meeting the legal standard of responsible journalism, and how the investigation was stalled in mid-2014 until Ghomeshi tipped the scales by showing CBC executives photos of injuries a woman suffered in rough sex with Ghomeshi.

Donovan's narrative flows well, and gives great insight into the challenges of investigating a wealthy individual with the prestige Ghomeshi enjoyed.

I recommend the book for anyone wishing to learn more about investigative journalism, and the challenges of reporting on sexual assault.

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