Security Upgrades

I have added MT-Keystrokes:
This plugin will cut down on the amount of Comment Spam I receive. Due to slanderous comments directed against UMSU Councillors that are often posted anonymously from an IP address located in Tache Hall, I am unable to allow instant comments yet. (Of course, if you have a TypePad Account, you can instantly comment with automatic approval).
I added MT-DSBL – Open proxy comment filter to my blog security. It does the same thing has MT Keystrokes but in a different way.
Now running MT-Blacklist. I am going to tweak it tomorrow with the hope that I can disable moderation and allow instant commenting but have an automatic filter that will block Coward Comments.
Now running MT-Moderate which will control Trackback Spam. I had not done anything to stop Trackback Spam prior to this but it was a major problem prior to my recent rebuild. When I rebuilt, I moved the MT_CGI directory. Basically, my server has been under TB Spam Attack the last week but the spammers are raiding the wrong castle, I am now longer in there!
All my upgrades mean that I have the full spam shield for most battles. Now I will install the Auto-Destruct of the Spam War, a Throttle failsafe : Real Comment Throttle plugin
Real Comment Throttle plugin is installed. It will shutdown comments, trackbacks, and referal listings if I come under attack and my other defences failed to stop the enemy from getting inside my castle.
My next improvement to my blog will be a Photo Gallery, an Search Engine enhancement script [basically, a script that will detect what people are looking for on my blog and direct them right to it, I had 25 visits from Google alone that were to my old blog URL. When I have this script, it will direct them to the page that best fits their search term.], adding buttons to the right to reflect the above changes, better blockquotes, a biography page, a links pages, a detailed how did I get my blog and design it page, and more to follow… stay tuned as my adventures in cyberspace continue.
Now it is off to sleep……
actually, I was running my Webalizer when I realized that I could not list this month’s visitors alphabetically, so I need to cut and paste into Excel and sort, then I thought…. heck I have all this work done, may as well blog it…. so a treat for people like friends in Hamilton who are always asking where my visits are coming from… it is a long list of over 2700 unique IP’s with the DNSReverse done on them… sorta cool. When I am done exams, I may go thru and highlight a bunch of them.