So I Didn't Succeed, But I Sure Had Fun and Learned a Lot

“At this time, I feel the bitter taste of failure. But I’m mindful that I’ve failed before, and I hope to have the opportunity to fail again. Failure can only occur when one tries to succeed.”

So I had to suspend operations of The Public Record today. It wasn’t easy and you can read my full editors note about why on The Public Record.

I’m back blogging here on and I look forward to spending some more time on my “personal” site. I probably should do a redesign first, maybe bring back some of my “retro” designs from a decade ago. (Which much like pictures of a previous generation from the 70s, I rather not bring out of the Wayback Machine photo album).

But first, I’m taking my friends dog for a walk to the park. As weird as this may seem, I’m going to enjoy just playing fetch without monitoring my phone for breaking news or thinking about reading agendas for next week.

Thank you for visiting the site, I hope you’ll come back.


Additional: People are wondering if I’ll be continuing journalism on this site. The best answer is that this isn’t The Public Record. This is my personal website and blogging here will be related to my personal interests, thoughts, and sometimes my bad attempts at humour. (Sorry, no cat pictures, but I may throw up a guinea pig picture or two.)