So much for being a ’student’ movement

There is a lot of information contained in the CFS’s leaked war paper’s to wage a "shock and awe" campaign against BC campuses pushing for independence from the so-called "student movement" as the CFS likes to call themselves.

The "Volunteers" tab is interesting to read.

Line 9 is especially interesting – It says that a "Ryan Lam" should be contacted to "volunteer" by someone named "Joey"

Very interesting because Ryan Lam is the former Douglas Students’ Union representative who went, with Joey Hansen, to a December 2005 CFS-BC meeting.

It was at this meeting that the October 2005 CFS-BC loan to the scandal-ridden Douglas Students’ Union was given backdated "approval."

(Money out the door first, then approval later – way to look after student money guys.)

Could the "Joey" the document refers to be Joey Hansen?
The other interesting thing to read in the tab is just how close the BC NDP and CFS (or CFS-BC or CFS-Services*) are. A few of the names on the list work full-time for the BC NDP.

The CFS (or CFS-BC or CFS-Services*) wonders why they are not taken seriously by other parties? You can’t be or appear to be partisan and effectively lobby government.

Other names are full-time workers for the public sector BCGEU union. More names include even more non-students?

I thought the CFS (or CFS-BC or CFS-Services*) was a student movement, sure doesn’t look that way to me.

* (CFS legal threats usually revolve around claiming that the three are completely separate and that one of the other two did it. It is like brat siblings. You ask them who did it and they all point to each other with no one taking responsibility.)