Someone call 911, there’s a douchebag party a happenin’

I am writing a longer post about student codes of conduct at the present time. In my research, I stumbled across this example of an university taking it’s code too far.

Seattle University administrators recently sent an email warning a group of students that a off-campus party could be in violation of the university’s code of conduct and the organizers could face consequences if the party occurred.

"Gender bias" was the grounds cited for possible punishment under the student code of conduct.

I find it amusing that university administrators have the time to police student behaviour off-campus. I strongly disagree with the idea that universities should be able to police student behaviour off-campus. On the flip side, Seattle University is a private Catholic institution. As such, it should not surprise students that the university considers their off-campus sins to be the concern of the university.

Come to think of it, I can figure out which is more amusing: "gender bias" being an offence or a Catholic institution making it an offence?