Someone give this guy an idiot award

According to MP Daryl Kramp, the federal government helped save First Nations Technical Institute. Cough, cough.
Who’s Daryl Kramp anyways? He is backbench Conservative MP that nobody could pick out in a line-up. Actually, I doubt House of Commons security even know who he is.

Regardless, Kramp must be in on some inside information he rest of us don’t know about because he told the Belleville Intelligencer that the Federal government helped to save FNTI.

Yes, that federal government. The one that cut $1.5 million in funding at FNTI, spurring the financial crisis that almost lead to the demise of the school. The one that forced the provincial government to come to the rescue after deciding that the institute no longer fell under the Ministry of Indian Affairs.

Kramp says the federal government saved FNTI because it gives social transfer payments to the provinces which can then be used by the province to fund things such as post-secondary education.

Would somebody get this guy a cabinet seat? He’s clearly overqualified for the backbench.