Special meeting of City Council to discuss new website

Special meeting of City Council to discuss new website
[![](http://blog.joeycoleman.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/5434719183_c2cedd45e3_o-300x225.jpg "Hamilton City Hall by Tom Flemming via Flickr")](http://blog.joeycoleman.ca/2011/12/calling-the-mayors-scandal-peggygate-reveals-a-gender-bias-against-women-in-politics/5434719183_c2cedd45e3_o/)Hamilton City Hall by Tom Flemming via Flickr
Hamilton’s city council will hold a special meeting sitting as a committee on June 28, 2012 to discuss a new web strategy that will include a complete redesign of the city’s embarrassing web presence.

Open Hamilton is thinking extensively about the problem and there have been meetings with city staff to suggest policy changes to prevent a similarly embarrassing website from being created in the future.

The two topics for the meeting are officially “Service Delivery Review Ranking and Criteria” and “Web Strategy Redevelopment”. In simple terms, council is looking at changing the way the city does business in the digital age.

The public is allowed to present their vision for what the digital city should look like by registering to be a delegation to the meeting: www.hamilton.ca/YourElectedOfficials/RequestToSpeakToACommitteeOfCouncilRedirect.htm