Staff Recommend Decreased Density in Hamilton's Mewburn Neighbourhood

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Approved by Planning Committee

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Council will vote on decreasing the density requirements for development in the Mewburn Neighbourhood – bound by Rymal, Stone Church, West 5th and Upper James.

The change is recommended as staff state there were development proposals in the area submitted prior to the new Urban Hamilton Official Plan taking effect in summer of 2013, and these developments should be grandfathered.

UHOP requires 60 to 100 units per hectare in urban neighbourhoods, the exemption proposed is for 38 to 40 units per hectare – meaning the City will need to increase density elsewhere.

If Council does not approve the exception, developers will be required to change their plans to meet the 60 units per hectare density requirement.

Major Scheduling Conflict

Council’s timing for this debate could not be worst. The Council meeting is at the same time as the Ontario Municipal Board is hearing an appeal of the City’s non-decision on 1400 Upper James, and 1125/1155 West 5th is underway this week.

Both developments can appeal a Council decision to not exempt them from UHOP on procedural grounds due to the scheduling conflict.

With staff recommending the exception, and developers favouring it, it’s extremely unlikely Council will not vote in favour of the exemption.

Watch Live Coverage of Council’s Planning meeting on Tuesday starting at 9:30am