Staffing issues at University of Manitoba Students’ Union

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (Local 103) is having some staffing issues at its student union run restaurant Degrees.

The Manitobanreports on these issues this week. The environment is such that employees of the students union required anonymity in speaking to the student newspaper.

While I will not comment to the article further than to say I am not surprised by the accusations against the Executive, I will speak about my experience with the previous (two previous now) manager Drew Pelton.

During my time on UMSU Council, I focused on food service issues. One day, Pelton and I ran into each other just outside the door of then-UMSU President Amanda Aziz. Aziz mentioned that I was reviewing food service operations. Pelton suggested that we meet. We did.

In that meeting, I gave Pelton a few ideas. Pelton showed me his plans for Degrees. I was impressed.

He was a good manager. He implemented a lot of changes to Degrees which made it a much better eatery.