Starting tomorrow, I’m chasing Rona

UPDATE:  Diane Finley returns as Minister of Human Resources and Social Development. I don’t expect her to make any appearances in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area. She’s gained a reputation for avoiding questions on the Caledonia dispute and any appearance in the GTHA will result in media questions on that topic.

The Canadian Press is speculating that Rona Ambrose will be Monte Solberg’s replacement as Minister of Human Resources and Social Development.

I’ll miss Monte. It was fun chasing him around and he did a good job as MHRSC.

I had an interesting conversation with Ambrose during the election campaign when she visited Hamilton to campaign for the Conservatives. I have a good impression of her from that conversation.

The new Minister will be sworn in tomorrow and will have a lot of briefing books to read. Parliament returns in just over two weeks and I’ll be taking advantage of her first appearance in the centre of the universe Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area to see how well she memorizes her books.

(For those of you worried about Monte, don’t be. He’s receiving $115,961 in severance and his yearly petition will be $93,850. Thankfully for him, the Reform Party lost it prinicipals on gold platted pensions about the time they started qualifying for them.)