As my Twitter followers will have noticed, I’ve taken a very public stance in favour of free speech and innovation on the Internet by adding the “STOP SOPA” banner to my Twitter picture.

SOPA threatens this blog.

I use a US-based webhost – but I could, of course, move my hosting elsewhere (which I would do).

I use services such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr that allow for user-generated content. SOPA will allow for those sites to be removed from DNS listings thereby impending my use of these services from, for example, my mobile device.

SOPA is a threat to free speech.

As a citizen, it is my responsibility and duty to protect individual liberties. As a journalist, it is my calling to do so.

I hope you’ll inform yourself about SOPA and make your own decision to get involved in expressing your opposition to the censorship of the Internet.

As a Reddit user, with some reservations, I support the decision to blackout the site on February 18th. I do fully support Wikipedia if they choose to join Reddit that day. I believe most Reddit users are aware of SOPA and actively working to oppose it. Wikipedia users may not be as aware. By showing them what SOPA will mean if passed for the world’s largest repository of knowledge; more people may join the battle against SOPA.