Student Papers: Why I Prefer Almost All Others to the Silhouette

As most people that attend McMaster know, we have a paper called the Silhouette. To say that it is of low quality when compared to other student papers would be an understatement. I believe the biggest problem facing the Sil is that it is controlled by the Students Union and as way too friendly a relationship with the MSU powers that be. It will only be worse this year with one of the main campaigners for the new MSU President running the Sil this year. I have already been warned that since the MSU powers hate me for the whole Accountability, Transparency, and Democratic Reform ideas, I can expect to be targeted by the Silhouette in the next couple of issues.
Luckily for me, no one really reads the Silhouette. They print 10,000 copies a week. Most of them end up sitting in the dock of the Student Centre to never been read. Most of the one that actually get put out are not read either. Most weeks, I read the Silhouette only to be disappointed that I have to pay for it.
Now, what are my favourite student newspapers?
You will learn 🙂
I will start today by linking to the one paper I never miss: The Manitoban
Why do I read the Toban?
I have to admit it is because I attended University of Manitoba. The Toban is always worth the read. Every week the stories inform the reader of the events that are happening on campus. There is intelligence debate on a whole range of issues. The Toban covers the story without getting involved and does not have the politicial interests of anyone in mind. The layout is always attractive, with pictures that add to the story. The cover is always a highlight.
This is the cover of the April 5th ‘joke’ edition. This is a yearly tradition of the Toban.

It is of very high quality.
Now, this having been said – some people may find the humour offensive. Read it of your own choice-
I cannot give you any Silhoutte’s (which BTW is known as the Shithoutte by most students) to show since they are unable to seem to run a website and do not publish PDFs like pretty much every other student newspaper in the world.