Students at Brock's Hamilton Campus to get HSR UPass

HSR-Bus1Students at Brock University’s Hamilton campus on King Street at Rosedale will so get the same deal as McMaster students on an 8-month HSR bus pass.

If approved by Council, the Brock Education students will have unlimited use of the HSR starting in September 2014 at the same price as McMaster students.

Currently, McMaster students pay $126.15 per 8-month school year for unlimited use of the HSR. The fee is calculated as 145% of the cost of a regular monthly pass.

McMaster and the City are negotiating a new contract for September 2014. Brock students will pay the same fee as the McMaster Students Union negotiates.

Full-time McMaster students first negotiated their UPass in 1996. The program expanded to Mohawk and Redeemer in recent years.