The demolition permit for 30 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

I’ve received a copy of the demolition permit for 30 King Street East.

As noted in a earlier post, and a later Hamilton Spectator [article]( ""Century-old downtown building to be torn down," Hamilton Spectator. May 9, 2011"), the demolition of the building is underway. The building was subject to attention following a minor fire on May 3, 2011.

The demolition permit I received from the City of Hamilton is pretty standard. The summary is that the City approves demolition with the supervision of a professional engineer.

You may view the permit for yourself by clicking here.

All identifying information is blacked out by the City, including the names of public officials who signed off on the permit. Under provincial law, city staff merely check the paperwork to make sure it is in compliance with provincial safety conditions, they do not have discretion to stop a safe demolition.

I’ve requested the site plan attached to the permit. I’m hopeful that I will receive this by the end of the day Tuesday.

I made my first request for the permit with the misunderstanding that all buildings in the Hamilton Downtown Core required replacement within two years or fines could be levied by the City. In fact, the demolition control by-law with replacement provisions only applies to buildings with residential units and enforced city-wide.

The Demolition Control Area By-law, BY-LAW NO. 09-208, requires Council approval of conditions attached to residential demolitions. Council approval is not required, as per provincial regulations, for non-residential demolitions. Hence the misunderstanding in the community about how the demolition process occurred without any mention on Planning Committee agendas.