The Dieppe Raid - 71 Years Later

71 years ago, the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry landed at Dieppe for a “raid in force” against the Nazis occupying the French port city.

At the end of the day, when the massacre was done, 197 of the men from the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry substain fatal wounds, 174 will spend the rest of the war as prisoners of war, and 115 return wounded to England.

Only 102 returned physically unwounded to England.

Much has been written about the raid over the years, and last year new details came forth that showed – finally – a clear purpose to the raid.

It is the bloodiest day in Hamilton’s history and only a handful of the veterans – all in their 90s – are still with us.

If you can make it to this year’s service, please do.

Hamilton’s Annual Remembrance Service

Hamilton’s annual rememberance service will be held at 11 a.m. today (August 19) at Dieppe Veterans Memorial Park on Beach Boulevard.