The disappearing CUP story

A story published on the Canadian University Press newswire entitled Cape Breton still a member, says CFS**was taken offline some point on Thursday or Friday.

The story, according to the summary, was about the current station of the Cape Breton Students’ Union’s membership in the national lobbying organization.

Students at Cape Breton voted overwhelmingly to leave the CFS this spring. The CFS has stated since before the actual vote that it won’t recognize the referendum because, they say, notice of was not given correctly.

I was busy last week with volunteering and did not read the story. Today, I finally found time to read the story. I clicked the link only to discover the Canadian University Press pulled the story off the wire.

No big deal, I said to myself, it was also published in *The Muse. *It’s a student newspaper with the backbone to usually stand behind it’s journalism regardless of how many lawyers call threatening to sue.

But the link I had for The Muse story was also dead. The story was published in The Muse with the headline CFS says union leader has political agenda.

*The Muse *updated their site Friday and the story link was emailed to me via Google News at 11:44am Eastern Time. Some point after this, and prior to today, the story was pulled off the website.

All I have left is the summary from the original CUP Newswire:

Cape Breton still a member, says CFS Jon Dykeman – The Muse, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Canadian Federation of Students chairperson Amanda Aziz says that failure to follow referendum regulations means the Cape Breton University Students’ Union is still part of Canada’s largest student lobby group. (214 words)Read story…

I don’t know what happened.

Monday Morning Update (9:30 EDT): I am told that a complete retraction has been issued on the story.