The End of Summer and Beginning of Fall 2016

September 21 is a date in the calendar, and while it says “Beginning of Autumn” on paper, I mark the start of fall when the weather feels a chilly cool at night and leafs start covering the ground.

Most years, these events progress over the course of a few days.

This year, it happened suddenly Saturday morning.

I left my office around 4am Saturday morning, after spending the evening sitting outside enjoying the last of the warm Friday weather. Friday was a perfect late summer day, mid-20s and sunny. The evening remained warned, high teens.

At 4am, as I cross the parking lot, there were no leaves on the ground, and my jacket was unzipped.

At 8am, I stepped outside again, the wind was cold, the temperature in the low teens, and leaves were scattered all over the ground.

It’s been a nice summer for an urban dweller (not for farmers).

I enjoyed many great nights outside writing, a few good walks in nature. Now, autumn begins.