The Flower at the Bus Stop

The Flower at the Bus Stop

Today seemed dreary relative to the heat wave sunny days we experienced earlier this week.

16C, mostly cloudy with a steady breeze, yesterday having been sunny, no breeze, and over 30C.

I stood in this relative cool at Eastgate Square, waiting for the 58 bus to go into Downtown Stoney Creek.

The Eastgate Square terminal is everything you'd expect of City of Hamilton transit infrastructure, seemingly barren, lacking sufficient seating, but with one exception -- the shopping mall maintains a small planting stripe on the edge of the terminal.

It was here I found beauty; a bumble bee's movement caught the corner of my eye.


There was one beautifully bloomed flower in the garden, with such vibrant colours. To capture the bee and the flower, I couldn't pass the photography opportunity and challenge.

Unfortuantely, I had my 18-55mm lenses on the camera in the bag. (This, of course, makes sense as it's the best choice for a sudden news photo)

I tried to get the photo with it; it didn't work.

By the time I get my 70-300 lenses out and mounted, the bee is gone. Nonetheless, the opportunity to capture the beauty of the flower remains.


It makes me wonder, where else am I missing beauty, and how do I do a better job of finding it.