The helpful HSR operator

Saturday night, I travelled to the far north-east corner of Hamilton – Grays Rd and the QEW – for a Stag and Doe.

Thanks to a helpful bus driver, I arrived early!

My trip began at Dundurn and I needed to catch the 2-Barton bus downtown. Of course, this connection is impossible. It’s 500 metres between the bus stops and there is only 90 seconds to run between bus stops. (Prior to the MacNab Terminal, the distance was 25 meters.)

Whenever attempting to get a 2-Barton or 3-Cannon bus, I schedule extra time.

I didn’t need it Saturday. The bus I rode out of the west end was going out of service at Main and MacNab. I told the driver I needed to connect to the 2-Barton, he took me two stops further and dropped me at John Street.

I had enough time to buy juice at the corner store!