The McMaster Students Union: "Leaders in student democracy"

Yesterday was the last day of classes at McMaster University in Hamilton. The GO train I was on was busier than usual with many students travelling home and not returning to the McMaster campus until the days of their exams.

The McMaster Students’ Union is taking advantage of this to hold its annual general meeting, known as a General Assembly, when students are not on campus.

The General Assembly will be held today (Thursday) specifically to prevent quorum.

Why would they do this?

It all goes back to two years ago when a group of students (many in Engineering) and I got together to try to make at a general assembly. There were many motions proposed, some of which pushed for greater accountability within the students union.

We had about 66% of quorum. So, sadly, all the purposed reforms died.

Even since then, the MSU has discontinued its practice of holding two GAs, one in October and the other in February. Instead, they hold them when they know students are unlikely to attend and call this a commitment to student democracy.

The sad part, they actually believe themselves.