The New Conservative Party of Canada Ads

The Conservative Party of Canada has launched new ads today.
There are four ads:
Health Care
This ad had potential and the Tories have blown it. It starts well.
***Rona Ambrose MP says to Peter Mackay: “Peter you know waiting times for surgery used to be 9 weeks, now it is 4 months.” Mackay responds: “And yet the Liberals say that their fixing health care”

A great start. They have told me that Health Care has got worse under the Liberals. Now you have to tell me what you are going to do to improve it… I am interested in hearing how…. Instead the Conversatives blow it now.
Ambrose replies: “A drowning man will say anything.”
You have to be kidding me… that is how … what does that have to do with anything!!! I guess the Conservatives love reinforcing a negative childish image of politics. Was that supposed to make me laugh????? It did not, just turned me off of the rest of the ad.
Now we finally have an appearance by Harper: “You know its funny because the public health system is the only one most Canadians have ever used. Its the only one my family’s ever used. We’ve just got to make it work.”
This is good.. I am listening again… what are you going to do … .take it away:
Ambrose: “The Goal is to make sure every family .. . ” interrupts McKay: “and regular families, not just rich families” back to Ambrose: “get the quality health care they need.”
Harper: “Well that’s the plan and its time Canadian knew it.”
Voice-over: “Stand Up for Canada”

The ad had potential but the Conservatives do not say what they are going to do. It really had potential because the Liberals are weak on this one. Harper had a great chance to say “unlike Paul Martin who uses private health care in Quebec!” The new slogan is good… definitely a good way to counter the Liberal’s the Liberal Party’s values are Canadian Values… I did not consider stealing a Canadian Value like the Liberals do right now…
Child Care
This one is just plain bad…. the sidebar on the Internet Ad is good… it explains a position and why they do not like the current plan but the video is what is truly important… the sidebar says: The Liberal government has promised to spend $5 billion dollars to build a national system of institutional childcare. The Liberal plan supports only one choice – 9am to 5pm institutional childcare – that leaves thousands of parents behind, such as shift workers, low income parents, parents who live in rural areas and stay-at-home parents.
So I am thinking that the video would say these points or at least come close.
Harper: “It just amazes me that they just don’t get it, raising kids is tough effort when you are working”
Ambrose: “Well, I know women today do not want a five billion dollar child-care bureaucracy, we want a choice in child-care.”
Harper: “Everywhere I go that is exactly what I hear, just put the money where it can help. We do not have to tell people how to raise their children, we just want to give them a way to do what is right for their families”
Helena Geurgis MP: “Exactly”
Not good not bad so far … but it is falling flat… are you opposed to National Child Care or Not … what are you doing ??
But here is probably the best punchline in the entire add campaign:
***Harper: “And you know if we stop all the waste and mismanagement, maybe our children will not be saddled with the debt.” *
Great, there you are something… he shoots he scores. How about that for touching an emotional issue, passing the debt down! There the Conservatives are at least getting it somewhat… now they just have to tell us what they are going to do….
Tomorrow: Tax Cuts Ad
You can view them here: