The New Era for Student Unions in Canada

I have been saying this since I entered student politics almost two years ago: Students Unions cannot no longer survive as secretive organizations.
The MSU Inc is learning this lesson from me at the present time. They refuse to realize my private information (all the dozens of allegiations levelled against me by MSU Inc with McMaster University abusing the Student Code of Conduct). Under the old system that student unions used to operate under, there was nothing I could do as a student about the students union and its poor practices. These days, I can file freedom of information requests with the organization (the University) that the MSU communicated about me with.
Another example is the MSU funding of the Hamilton Police crackdown on students in Westdale. The MSU refuses to tell students (or even the Governing Council of the MSU – the SRA) how much money is being spent on these signs that have gone up all over Westdale in Hamilton.