The New School Year Begins

The new school year has begun for me. It really started last weekend with the beginning of Welcome Week at McMaster University. There were a few events that I made it out to during the week and they were all very good. I was actually impressed by the events and I may even consider buying a Welcome Week pass next year. Sunday was Carnival day with all kinds of different inflatable games and rock-climbing in the centre of the campus. It was fun, the best part was that I saw many of my friends. Some of whom, I have not seen since high school. Monday was my favourite event, the Inter-Residence Council (IRC) bedraces. Basically, the pedestrian only roads were completely closed off to University vehicles and instead turned into a bed racetrack. It was a very exciting event not so much for the races themselves but for the fun that was occuring along the side of the road. Each residence had their own residence t-shirts and cheer. Everyone was really excited and chants would break out at random. Each faculty also had their own bed to race as well including against the residences. Not to be forgotten, the Society of Off-Campus Students had their own t-shirts and competed against the residence halls as well. There was prizes for the crowd as well. It was very impressive. There were many residence events that I attended and that were all fun. Sure beats the let’s drink in a room events that were my main choice last year. The fact that alcohol is not allowed forces the Inter-Residence Council to organize events that are different. An interesting change as well is that the IRC members are not allowed to drink at all for the first two weeks of school to set a proper example and are not allowed to be intoxiated in residence as they are leaders and McMaster has a very strong policy for student leaders.
There were late-night outdoor movies everynight and a few cool outdoor concerns as well during the week. Another event was the pajama parade. Basically, all the residences go for a parade thru the local area around McMaster University in their pajama’s. Also, SOCS and most faculties participate as well. It is a very slow moving parade and pretty much becomes a long single file line of people snaking around Westdale (The community about 10 minutes walking from campus) meeting all the people along the side of the road watching the parade. It is a major event with 1000’s of people in the parade and 100’s watching and greeting each other. A very good event.
Tuesday morning was rough, I woke up at 5:30am and got to campus at 6:15am. I was the 5th person in the OSAP line to pick up my loan paperwork. I got that done at 930am by which point the line-up was two hours long anyway.
On Wednesday, the main area of campus is filled with tables and Clubsfest occurs. All clubs, faculty associations, councils, service groups, University services, etc… have a table each and present their materials to students. There are over 250 tables at this event.
I, of course, purchased my McMaster Politicial Science Students’ Association (MPSSA) membership for the year and got an “Arts Matter” button from the McMaster Humanities Society table. Does not mean that I am a fan of the Opera or anything all of the sudden…. Arts is more than professional taxpayer subsidized organizations, it is critical thinking, and the liberal arts (English, History, Communication Studies) and amateur art as well. I was convinced to get one of the buttons for that reason, plus I lost a debate to the MHS Secretary as well, so since she won the debate, I am wearing the button. Again not to be confused with the arts that waste taxpayers money such as this play that is costing taxpayers $183,000 and is funded with Health Research dollars. I will be going to a few McMaster student productions and paying to see them during the year because I am in favour of self-substanting arts. Plus I believe that I will truly enjoy them. I do not mind art I just believe that there are not enough taxpayer dollars to go around and, for example, that $183,000 should have been spent on research to find better treatments for ailments that people suffer from instead of research dollars being spent on a threatre production.
The MPSSA General Meeting is tomorrow, should be fun and interesting.
Thursday finally arrived and I started my classes. Labour Studies was straight forward, the Prof got up talked about this is University and how to act then the class was done. I had Social Work on Thursday night. I believe this course is going to go very well for me. I have a good study partner which is going to help alot. I just need to stay on top of things. The McMaster Libraries are open until Midnight all week which helps a lot. Sadly, the computer labs are still on Summer Hours and as such are only 8:30-4:30 operations. Means that I cannot type my work outside of daytime hours. I spent Wednesday and Thursday nights in the Library till midnight studying.
On Tuesday, I begin my Political Science Course: Politics and the Media. It sounds like it will be a tough course for the first bit.
Saturday was an interesting day. I went to Guelph for only the second time since Febuary but the first time this school year. It was really nice to see all my friends up there. I had to take the early morning bus up there from McMaster which meant I was awake at 5:45 in the morning. Made me a hurting unit all day. I went up to fix a friend’s computer and was fairly successful. Then I took her for lunch (I made a mistake early in the week and was trying to get in the good books again) and we were joined by friends. One of them asked me to look at her computer and see what was wrong. I had a bad feeling about that and I was correct. The next eight hours were spent doing everything to it that I could. I was successful and she now has internet. It was somewhat interesting to see how quickly the rumour mill started as this girl and I were the only ones in her house for a while while I was fixing her computer and she is a cute girl so everyone decided to start the rumours. It was funny cause everyone was going “you think she is cute right?” I responded “Yes, I have a set of eyes!” I was unable to finish everything I wanted to do with the first computer I was working on and did not complete everything with the other one by the time that the evening party began at my one friends place. So I left the computers and hung out with everyone until 12 midnight when I came back to Hamilton. Since I have not completed everything I want to complete on the computers, I will be making the trip up this Saturday. I am expecting to be in Guelph every two or three weekends during the upcoming school year. I will be making the trip downtown to buy a bunch of student tickets between Hamilton and Guelph to save some money.
The best news right now is that I am already a week ahead in my classes! The challenge right now is staying ahead, I am allow having a hard time finding time to update my blog… I will work on that this week.