Fine for Abusing Police Horses - $250 or $1000, which is appropriate?

Fine for Abusing Police Horses - $250 or $1000, which is appropriate?
[![Photo by Paul Herman, CC-BY-SA-NC](]( by Paul Herman, CC-BY-SA-NC
How much should the City fine idiots in Hess Village for attacks against police horses?

This was one of the more interesting debates of June at City Hall, with many Councillors – and public opinion – calling for a larger fine than the $250 fine passed.

On the other side of the debate, the Sergeant who leads the Mounted Union who asked Councillors to not increase the fine because he felt his officers would be less likely to issue the fine ticket if the amount were higher.

Council voted to heed the advice of their police sergeant and the fine at $250.

Councillors Brenda Johnson and Brad Clark both worried the $250 fine would be seen as a badge of honour among the testosterone alcohol-fueled patrons of the Village that cause so many problems on weekends. Clark noted they think little of dropping $250 at a bar.

It’s clear public opinion stood strongly against the kind of violence the Hamilton Police horses, and their riding officers, must endure at Hess Village.

Councillors made the right decision – heeding the advice of HPS.

If $250 fines don’t story the abuse of Hamilton’s police horses, then it is time to raise the fine.